Celebrate life through Healthful Music and Sound”

Dear Visitor,

My hope is that you’ll find something on this site which provides useful information and inspiration for the realization of your dreams. Each of us has a limited time while here on earth so learning about and practicing the meaningful themes of life is important. Proper self-care, taking personal responsibility for our behavior, treating others with respect, engaging some in friendship and, still others, in the giving and receiving of love, enriches our life journey.   Being open to experiencing the many wonders of the spiritual realm, is an added bonus. Music has the potential to aid us in this quest.

As human beings, I believe we are all on planet earth for a good reason. Usually our life purpose blossoms forth from our heart’s desire. It could be multi-faceted and may, or not, be present in our work, vocation or profession. It could be a special interest or hobby. In any case, pursuing this urge or passion will not only bring us joy, it has the potential for helping others in ways we may never understand. This is a mystery for us to embrace. 

For encouragement, seek out those who love and care about you. Don't allow anyone or anything to discourage you.

Welcome to my site.

Gene Harvey

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