On this website, you will:

  • Become acquainted with the characteristics of Healthful Music
  • Sample and explore a variety of healthful music across genres
  • Discover healthful music’s importance in Developing Consciousness
  • Learn how to identify healthful music across genres
  • Recognize which genres provide the richest source of healthful music
  • Use the benefits of Deep Focused Listening to more fully experience musical selections
  • Gain a basic knowledge of Classical Music, its content, composers, and performers

“Music is the shorthand of the Soul”

Leo Tolstoy

“The end of all good music is to affect the soul.”


“Our modern lifestyle is too noisy. Too much television, computer, [and other] outer stimulation diminishes the light that is found only in reflective and contemplative thought. Silence is an attitudinal muscle we build up [to provide for self-reflection and spiritual growth.]”

Marianne Williamson

[When they do not have exposure to music and art in school] … “children grow into teenagers who [attempt to] make up for their early deprivation by investing inordinate amounts of psychic energy into their music. They form [or idealize] rock groups, buy CDs and portable, electronic listening devices, and generally become captives of a subculture that doesn’t offer many opportunities for making their consciousness more complex.”

Mihaly Csikszenymilhalyi, Ph.D.,
Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience