Healthful Music

Healthful music comforts, encourages, and inspires us. Sound perception goes beyond our ears; our bodies are also sound receivers. We receive aural stimulation through our skin and internal organs. Deep focused listening requires heightened awareness of our total body. For optimal cognitive functioning, each of us needs about thirty minutes each day of musical sound over 3,000 Hz, far above the highest frequencies available from most popular music.

The music you find personally healthful may not be highlighted here. Music which is deemed healthful for each of us covers a broad range of listening preferences. While respecting your personal taste in music, I’ve defined healthful music as those selections (regardless of specific genre) that advance the quality of life for humankind in general. Accordingly, I have described the characteristics of healthful music in terms of The Seven Beneficial Effects of Healthful Music.

Music serves many functions. I hope you hang around for a time and explore music that you may not always find familiar. I welcome your thoughtful critique and sharing of ideas about the potential of music to enhance our quality of life. You’re invited to return whenever you wish.  The music and commentary will evolve over time.