Musical Information

Celebrate life through Healthful Music and Sound”

The Mood Wheel
The Mood Wheel illustrates the mood responses of humans as musical tempi (beats per minute) change while listening to a series of musical pieces gradually slowing down or speeding up.

Healthful Lyrics
A significant amount of music promotes and celebrates thoughtful human aspirations and values. On this site, the style of this music is characterized by seven qualities outlined in the Healthful Effects of Healthful Music.

Instruments of the Orchestra
The development of the modern concert orchestra began around 1470 and evolved into its present form in the late 1760s. From the end of the eighteenth century to now, the orchestra has expanded in size from chamber groupings of instruments to full scale symphony orchestras of over eighty instruments.

Concert Voices
The standard range of performing voices is highlighted here. The melodious human singing voice carries within its texture the soulfulness of us all. The sounds touch us intimately because they are attuned to our inner rhythmic harmonies.

Music of Salvation
Salvation is the power of managing through conditions of difficulty or evil circumstance. Individuals throughout history have found themselves in situations of extremely stressful and deadly conditions. This required their finding ways to physically survive while preserving their personal integrity and sanity.

Survival Lyrics
When human survival is threatened due to natural or human causes, music is created and / or remembered to aid us in maintaining our lives and personal integrity.

Historical Eras of Western Art or Concert Music
The musical styles of composers in the various historical eras were created according to the musical forms of the times.

Toxic Music
On this site, music that is hostile to, or mocks human needs and thoughtful values or overwhelms our sensory systems is deemed toxic.