Candlelight & Silver (Music for Dinning)

Orchestral music is performed utilizing sounds of all major groupings of musical instruments; strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion, harmonically merged in varying configurations for pleasurable listening. The sound produced is complex and satisfying to the human ear and easily harmonizes with natural body rhythms. The human response to this form of music varies along an imaginary continuum from stimulation to relaxation depending on the primary nature of the sound patterns produced.

“Popular music for orchestra is the satisfying, interpretative arrangements of popular songs and instrumental themes that emerged and gained a following on the radio in the 1930s and later flourished on commercial recordings. Strongly rooted in musical theatre and influenced by modern symphonic and dance band trends, freely incorporating elements from a variety of concert, popular, folk, jazz, salon, and street styles, it blossomed and flowered in the fertile studio climate that combined  fine instrumental ensembles, imaginative and facile orchestral (arrangements) and flexible, inventive sound technology.”  Dick O’Connor

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Continental Cuisine - Percy Faith & His Orchestra Featuring Mitch Miller, soloist
Percy Faith (1908-1976) Click here to read Percy Faith's bio.   Mitch Miller (1911-2010) Mitchell William Miller was an American oboist, conductor, recording producer and recording industry executive. He was involved in almost all aspects of...
Published on Apr 29, 2016.

Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra
Francis Charles Chacksfield was born in Battle, East Sussex. During his childhood he learned to play piano and organ eventually becoming deputy church organist at Salehurst. After working for a short period in a solicitor's office he decided on a career in music.
Published on Mar 31, 2016.

Geoff Love & His Orchestra
Love was a prolific British arranger and composer of easy listening and pop versions of film themes. He became famous in the late 1950s, playing under the pseudonym of Manuel and his Music of the Mountains.
Published on Mar 1, 2016.

Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra
Over 50 million André Kostelanetz records have been sold. These include his light classical and popular arrangements and some records reflecting his interest in new classical music. He commissioned important works from several leading American composers. These included Aaron Copland (A Lincoln Portrait), William Schuman (New England Triptych), and Alan Hovhaness (And God Created Great Whales) and (The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam).
Published on Jan 11, 2016.

Dinner Hour - Percy Faith
One of the early pioneers of this major musical development was Percy Faith. Born in Toronto, Canada on April 7, 1908, Faith was a creative arranger, conductor, and composer whose great talent remains in demand to this day.
Published on Aug 10, 2015.

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