Healthful Music
prompts thoughtful introspection regarding our true motives

Human beings are biological entities living in a sensory world. Our biological heritage cradles basic instinct for survival. Our essence, however, is spiritual. Deep within each one of us is our soul, a sacred space which remains in harmony with the Divine. Thus, we are of two natures. Our soul only blossoms into our life to the extent that we consciously realize the soul’s existence is a reality. 

Physical Needs & Social Needs

Our needs for physical survival, as well as maintaining our personal integrity, which is related to survival in a psychological sense, seem to take precedent over our spiritual heritage. Prior to the development of civilization when early humans lived in the wilds, survival was strictly a physical matter. Eventually, as physical dangers were removed, our sense of survival shifted to developing issues regarding our sense of personal integrity. Thus, the birth of psychological needs emerged.

We are also social beings who naturally gravitate toward mutual cooperation as long as it does not require undue inconvenience. We live in a world that usually doesn’t cater to our needs and desires. When we feel under duress or our self-image is threatened, basic natural tendencies for survival quickly awaken. 

Learning to Listen

It takes a disciplined mind to develop a broad perspective for the times things aren’t going our way. We are not born with disciplined minds. They must be developed through commitment, knowledge, and introspection regarding who we are and where we are going during our life journey. This requires a degree of listening or receiving rather than predominantly expressing and giving. 

Unfortunately, Western popular culture tilts heavily toward expressing and glorifying ourselves, not personal introspection or consideration of anyone other than ourselves. This is born out in the way we treat others. If we consider how we behave in situations when we are protected by anonymity, like in traffic or on the internet, we have opportunities to assess the degree to which our behavior reflects our values. Thoughtful people use self-reflection for personal growth, not self-deprecation.

Music provides sound and lyrics which stimulates, dramatizes and transforms our experience. It sets the mood for personal reflection by providing sounds which relax. Patience is important for reflection and renewal. 

Patience is a necessary ability for reflection and renewal. Developing patience helps us explore new possibilities. The right kind of music can help us learn to ‘let go’ a bit and allow assistance from other realms to come into our lives. In the beginning this requires some degree of risk on our part. It’s like learning any new skill. It takes a while before we learn to trust the process. 

On this site you can experience entrainment, a process whereby your general mood tends to change from activity to a more relaxed state, in response to a sequence of musical selections. 

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