Healthful Music
the beneficial effects of healthful music

As human beings, it is necessary for us to accept and nurture ourselves, as well as, establish reciprocal exchanges of love with those who are most important to us. Relationships of this kind will enrich and bring us a sense of well-being. As we work to maintain these intimate relationships, we will naturally share life’s concerns and blessings. Self-care and meaningful relationships promote development of hopeful life perspectives which sustain us during times of difficulty. Healthful music encourages fulfillment of these human needs for health and enrichment when it:

1. Harmonizes with our natural body rhythms

2. Impacts our body without overwhelming our sensory systems

3. Provides high frequency sounds for charging our nervous system

4. Expresses respect for self and others

5. Supports wholesome human relationships

6. Prompts thoughtful introspection regarding our true motives

7. Highlights issues that are important for the well-being of humankind

The extent to which these seven characteristics are present in a musical selection indicates the degree of meaningfulness inherent in the piece. Music with these attributes has potential to open up avenues of self-awareness, personal fulfillment, and emotional connection with others beyond casual levels. It also offers opportunities for access to spiritual pathways.